Quick Guide
How to use the online modules


Navigation path
See at a glance at which point you are currently in the unit.

In the help-menu you get an overview of all the navigation icons and their functions.

Get an overview of the chapters of the online module. By clicking on the chapter you can open these.

The Player
The Player is your most important tool. You can navigate through the online module with the player. See the instructions in the text box, e.g. interactive elements on the page.

Continue to next step
Back to previous step
Pause for sound and animation
Reload page
Menu with additional functions

Player with exercises

The player navigation is modified in exercises.

An instruction might be:


Confirm answer
Display sample solution
Repeat exercise

To edit an exercise, please follow the instructions in the text box of the player. After you have selected your solution, please confirm by clicking on the „tick button“. 

You can revise your solution and confirm once again. If you have not found the right solution you can display the sample solution.


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